Which product did you sell for the first time?

After I quit my first job, I chose one company that I thought was the best, then applied directly to the owner and I succeeded.

I had the right to choose which product I will sell but I heard from someone that you will not choose a product to sell otherwise product will choose you.
It is completely correct in my situation.
Do you know? The feeling once you joined in all of the production processes to make the finishing, it is so amazing.
Cuttlebone is untrimmed, dark in color, and dirty, it may be garbage. No one thought that it is useful.
Now, cuttlebone is a well-known pet product and one of the traditional medicine for humans.
We are so happy after every shipment, especially during loading time because we know that our job is meaningful.
We decrease the garbage and make them become useful things, bringing income to the poor in villages in Vietnam.
Some small success in the first product, it encourages me so much.
Until now, I am in the process to expand my range of products in the pet industry, It is just beginning.
I believe that everyone will find out own’ job soon which is not only the job but also all passion and happiness.
Sometimes, I think it is similar to love, I do not know when it starts, when I begin to feel it, it is too deep in my heart.

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